You were there for me from the get

A young girl talks to her close friend. She explains how, after she hit rock bottom, the friend became family to her.

You were there for me from the get. . . You understand me in such a mysterious way since we’re the complete opposites of each other. You go to church, you go to family functions, you wake up extra early to go to seminary before school. I cringe at the idea of waking up early, I barely go to church now, and I barely go see my family because I am trying to graduate on time.

You attend Burton, and I go to Downtown High. You are going to a four-year, and I am headed to City. You live in Bernal, and I live in the Rich. You more than anyone know my struggle, but you appreciate the beauty of it. When I am down and out, you tell me, “Girl, do you know who you are? Put on some hoops, throw on some lashes, and DO YOU!”

See, that is typical Asia language. When you say that, I know that means, “You are blessed. Get it together, or I am going to smack you across the face to make you remember.”

I’ve had a lot of friends throughout the years, but they’ve all disappeared as fast as they came. But you are not just a friend. When I hear “blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family,” I think of you. Through the ups and downs, you’ve been there, picking up the pieces.

We fell out for a couple months but fell right back in like we never left. My rida. You make me process real life situations and humble me quick! We are not perfect, but we don’t try to be. I don’t mind you coming to my house ‘cause you know wassup.

I got hella people living there, and you don’t mind because it’s the same thing on your side. You don’t judge, and I don’t either, ‘cause God don’t like ugly.

You were there for me from the get.

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