You lied to me

Thump thump thump. The sound my heart makes every time I see you. Thump thump…thump, skipping beats every sweet word you say.

The First Day I Met You

Brown eyes, black hair, six feet tall, African American, them pearly white teeth when you put them white gold top and bottom grills on. Grills was dancing with those dream-boating little diamonds you had in. I would get chills from my toes to my head. You grabbed my hand, asked for my time. Trying to play hard to get. You could have had any girl you wanted, but you chose me. You put your pride aside and asked me if I wanted to get some food. You took me to get teriyaki over rice. You asked me about myself. Asked me what I really wanted to do in life. Before I left you smiled at me with shining teeth telling me, “Baby girl you be spitting knowledge, you ain’t like the other girls.”

The Day I Met Your Mother 

“Baby, do I look fine? What about my hair? Do I have something in

my teeth? Do my clothes look fi—”

“Baby girl, you look so beautiful, don’t be so scared. You are fine, just don’t worry, my mother will love you,” he convinced me.

I walked in his house; I smelled flowers and lemons. Like his mother just got on her hands and knees and scrubbed every part of their house with a rag and a big blue bucket. That smell made me feel like I was at home. His mother was cooking rice with fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob. Smelled so good. I thought that I was in a soul food place on Third and Palou. His mother was in her late thirties. Red hair flowing

down her back, light skinned African American, 5’5”, and her eyes a color I will never forget. Her eyes were a light grey, but had a green color inside them. Her voice was so creamy—just like heaven.

“Hi honey, do you want some food?” she softly said.

Three months later 

Yes, that night when you left me, I cried myself to sleep. I saw you as my sunshine. The man who would save me from everything that was hurting me. But you was the one back-stabbing me. Yes I still love you. I still call your phone to see if you still care about me.

“Baby girl, I love you…”

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