Why we should stop harming animals

Many people around the world train their animals to do many amazing things, but have you ever wondered how people get animals to do what they want? Many pet owners have said they don’t know what they would do if anything happened to their pets. As a pet owner myself, I personally can agree. Humans are animals, too, as scientifically proven by the similar cells we have to animals. Are you okay with hurting other people?

Emily Rohr, Senior Mobile Coordinator for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), said in an interview, “Animals are never ours to use for entertainment. Most people visit circuses, zoos, or marine parks and watch movies that feature animal ‘actors’ because they love animals but have no idea how unnatural it is for animals to be captured, caged, and forced to entertain humans. Animals used in circuses spend most of their lives chained inside boxcars and never get to live freely. In zoos, animals often live in enclosures or cages that are hundreds of times smaller than their homes in the wild. In marine parks like SeaWorld, orcas are given what is basically a concrete bathtub to live in. And in TV and film, animals are taken from their mothers as babies and used as nothing more than props.”

I would like to add on to what she said by noting that SeaWorld has stopped using orcas for entertainment but is still keeping the orcas until they die.

Many people might argue and say, What if the animal is dangerous?

Rohr’s answer is, “You have the right to protect yourself, but most of the time this can be done without violence. Most animals aren’t capable of choosing to change their behavior, but human beings have the intelligence to choose between behavior that hurts others and behavior that doesn’t. You can always make the kinder choice!”

It would be okay to teach an animal something good, for example training a dog not to bite or training a cat not to scratch. There is a certain amount of training we need for humans and other animals to get along, like safety precautions, but we should never train them to do more than is necessary. Humans are animals, too, so why do we get to choose what we want to do but other animals don’t?

Over fifty-six billion animals die each year because of humans, according to Animal Equality, an international animal advocacy organization. Some people don’t care because they are only animals, but fifty-six billion is eight times the amount of people on Earth. Imagine that number of animals being the number of human deaths. All of the population would be gone! We need to stop harming animals. Harming animals is like hurting ourselves. I’ll repeat myself one more time: We need to stop harming animals!

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