Who are you?

A teenage girl is walking down the street and a teenage boy uses a derogatory word to get her attention. She tells him why men should respect women and why it is wrong to call them the “b” word.  

What? Who are you talking to like that, ‘cause I know you’re not talking to me like that… for a fact! Who you keep calling a bitch? ‘Cause I’m not the one. You need to stop calling me that before there’s going to end up being a problem. You didn’t just call me that again! What did I just say! I’m a woman. I should get treated as one, too. And I have a name. You shouldn’t call anyone that word. It’s just disrespectful.

Do you even know the definition of a bitch? It’s a female dog! Do I look like a dog to you or something? Please don’t get me started… that word can hurt someone’s feelings in so many ways or even cause some serious problems, like a fight or a suicide. To me, that word is very disrespectful and brings out a side of me that I don’t want anyone to know.  I’m quiet and I keep to myself.  Why would you want to see someone hurt because of that word? What if someone called you a bitch, would you like it? No? Okay then, so don’t come at me like that.

Why does society think it’s okay for a male to call a female a bitch nowadays? Don’t you have a mother, a sister, or a daughter? Just imagine this: what if a guy came up to your sister or your mother and called them a bitch? How would you feel? How would you react? Think about this: what if you did have a daughter, how would you feel knowing that some guy was coming up to her and calling her a bitch every day? Wouldn’t you say something back, wouldn’t you confront that person, wouldn’t you defend her? Shoot, ‘cause I would. Didn’t you come out of a bitch? Did you come out a female dog? Exactly. Didn’t think so. So what makes you keep calling me a bitch? That’s not right!

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