What you might not know about Carrie Fisher

A lot of people know Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, but what they might not know is that she also played many other characters. She was a celebrated author, playwright, and screenwriter. When Fisher died on December 27, 2016 at age 60, many people learned more about her. After she died, I wanted to learn more about her.

Fisher started acting when she was 15, in 1975. She performed with her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, on Broadway. Just two years later, she became world-famous when she first appeared as Princess Leia in Star Wars. Fisher continued to act until her death, but over the years she also became known as a writer.

Not everyone knows how she became an actress and an icon for so many people.

Carrie Fisher was picked for Princess Leia because she was unique. She had something special that no one else had.

Fisher was willing to challenge herself. She really meant what she said. The director George Lucas thought that she would suit the character with her intelligence and sense of humor. He said her confidence made her special.

Tony Taccone, who directed Carrie Fisher in her one-woman show, Wishful Drinking, got to know her later in her career, and learned a lot of things about her. He agreed that her confidence  and work was limitless.

“She loved the audience—the audience respected her, and she was an icon for many people. She meant something to them because she stood for openness and honesty, especially around her mental illness and issues of body-shaming. She stood up against harmful perceptions and images,” said Taccone.

That’s why Carrie Fisher went so far. She became more than an actress and a leader. She was inspiring on stage and on screen. But in her life off-screen she was even more inspiring. She was a voice for people that needed her. She’ll always be remembered for that.

“She was willing to speak out,” said Taccone. “People loved her for that.” 

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