Vanilla Chairs and Robots to Help Kids Write

You should visit the 826 Temple because when you are there, you can write about any animal that you like. There are lights that you can clap on and off many times. There are vanilla, delicious, relaxing chairs. There is also a secret exit slide in the living room.

Let me tell you about how 826 Temple got started. I was in my boat and saw a ship that had crashed on an island. I got inside and there was a button. I pushed the button and this temple came out. I named it 826 Temple.

Kids came and saw vanilla chairs with computers. Kids had their own rooms in the 826 Temple. At the end of the week, kids could have whatever they wanted. If you wanted to eat, you pushed a blue button and a robot came to you.

There was a secret exit, so if there was a fire, the kids could use the secret slides in their rooms. The room could also be a living room, and every room had a secret bathroom. When new kids came to stay, they got whatever they wanted.

The cool part about 826 Temple was that kids didn’t have to do their homework, because robots did it for them. Kids would tell their ideas, and then the robots did their work.
For food, the kids could all eat Jolly Ranchers.

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