Tie-dyed sunrise

“Swipe, swipe.” Away their fingers went. Everyone with their eyes glued to their phones. Some stuck in their books and others still sleeping. Little did they know that a beautiful sunrise was blooming over the bay.

Through the fog I could see the dull yellow lights of the train. As I yawned, I could hear my brother announce, “The time is 6:24 a.m.!” Meanwhile, my sister rolled her eyes and then hopped on the train, the T-train.

The train was crowded with just a few open seats. My brother and I rushed over to his seat while I waited for my seat. Out of Bayview we went, past Mission Rock, the Dogpatch, through Mission Bay, and past UCSF. At the Caltrain stop we waited as people poured onto the train. Everyone’s eyes were glued to their iPhone screens. While others were still stuck in bed under their blankets, my brother and I were staring out the window waiting to see if anything beautiful would occur on our ride.

Then stripes of bright yellow, fiery orange, and hot pink rose from the bay to the sky. It was as if an eye-bursting, tie-dyed shirt were being stitched across Oakland. It was cool because never do you see the sunrise over Oakland. Because everyone on the train was distracted by other things, it almost felt as if my brother and I were the only ones to see the sun rise over Oakland from the bay.

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