This sheild walks with me

Everywhere I go I’m surrounded by this shield. This shield protects me from manipulation, persuasion, irrelevant communication, and when it doesn’t work, it helps me with renovation. I felt powerful that first moment I realized I carried this shield with me. It was that exact moment when I knew I was up to something bigger than just me. I knew then—my shield had developed. This shield walks with me through war of words, battle of communication and I know just what to say. It’s always calm. Brief but meaningful, powerful. An ability that’s much more than me, something that could change us. Shield. This shield makes me no different or better than others. This shield connects me with others. I feel the pain. It’s okay. I will never be the one to judge. My shield enables me. This shield does not protect me from violence, but it teaches me how to protect myself from so many other things. This shield is made up of life lessons that I’ve been taught throughout my journeys. I’m an African American female, only fourteen years of age. I need this shield. Too many of my people have been lied to, cheated, forced, manipulated, persuaded, and this has led to irrelevant communication that will get us nowhere. With no hope, we will expand no more. Build a shield but open up, and renovate your mindset. Let go. It’s time for us to start creating, creating new minds and ideas. Weapons. Shields.

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