The Tenderloin

When people walk down some streets in the Tenderloin they see people sleeping on the sidewalks with their dogs, people begging for even a few cents, and groups standing on corners of streets. I see the neighborhood as having a lot of the people who are actually really nice because as you walk down the streets, even if bad things are happening, they will say, “Kids are coming,” and they’ll move out of the way. And a lot of the time people will ask, “How are you doing?” and say, “Good morning.” I’ve lived there for five years and walk everywhere. A lot of my friends live really close to me, so it’s nice to run into them on the street. Also there is a school right by my house where I used to go, and I still see my old teachers and they ask how I am and what I’m doing now.

Other people think the Tenderloin is dangerous. There are a lot of drug addicts there. They aren’t trying to be dangerous or hurt you—it might be dangerous but people aren’t trying to hurt you.

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