The story of Crazy Sally

Crazy Sally went to the mall to get new pretty clothes. But then she saw her enemy, Mr. Pickle, who was green and had glasses. They were enemies because Mr. Pickle was saving people and Crazy Sally wanted to stop him. She needed to get more power to beat him.

But Crazy Sally had a plan. Her plan was to kidnap Mr. Pickle, so she did. Then she took him to her house in Daly City. She tied him upside down. Mr. Pickle felt squished when he got tied up.

Sally wanted a pet, so she went to the pet shop. Mr. Pickle was alone, but his juice fell off him and he turned into a small, little pickle. He was able to escape!

After that, Crazy Sally got home with her new black and white cat, Tiffy. Mr. Pickle was gone, so she looked at the floor. She saw a puddle of pickle juice and footsteps that smelled like pickles. She looked everywhere and she found him. She said, “I’m sorry, do you want to be best friends?”

He said, “Okay.” And they were best friends after that.

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