The Lives of the Oppressed

Another late night with my mind filled with dumb math problems. Ahh, I’ll do it in the morning. I hopped on the couch and rested my frustrated head on my cool pillow. I grabbed my phone and logged into Twitter. I wonder what’s trending? I immediately saw Ferguson, Missouri and the murder of an unarmed black male. I tapped on the tweet in interest, and immediately began reading tweets from people all over the world using the hashtag Black Lives Matter. I needed to know more. I grabbed the remote and put on Channel 2—nothing but more useless television shows. I thought to myself, Why is social media the only place I can find immediate information? Does the world want to hide this from us? Social media is an outlet for people of color to express themselves.

As the week progressed and interest arose, more information about the victim was released. “White police officer kills unarmed eighteen-year-old black male named Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.” His hands were up and he was shot six times, two shots in his head. His body was left in the street for countless hours, like the days where black people were lynched and bodies left hanging. This was a way to intimidate and frighten other black people in an attempt to make them “tame.” A way to mute their mouths because they knew if they spoke up, their necks would be hanging on ropes alongside the others. We still live in a world of slavery where innocent black men are being murdered by white officers who shoot first and ask questions later. In 2014, the FBI statistics said that white officers killed unarmed black suspects at around two people a week.

Society disempowers people of color and excludes them from equal opportunity. They are forced into neighborhoods where liquor stores infest every street corner and drugs are
used to ease the pain of their struggles. Today concrete slavery might not exist, but people of color are still slaves to society when they leave their homes each day wondering if they’ll
make it back.

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