The Lion and the owl

It was another Monday morning, which meant that Lion would have to go to another one of Owl’s oh-so-important meetings. “When I become king, I won’t ever have meetings. I will just force the birds to send messages for me,” he said to himself and chuckled.

The horn blew. It was time for the meeting. He dragged himself to The Big Tree, but he was late. The Big Tree was a gigantic weeping willow. It was where Owl had his meetings, and his magnificent home.

Instead of a nice, shady spot under the tree, he got a steaming, hot spot, directly in the sun. He grumbled some curse words to himself and a young fawn looked at him nervously. Owl began talking about how the horrible humans had started something called pollution and blah, blah, blah, so boring. Lion’s eyes caught sight of the Gem of Kings, and he couldn’t look away. The Gem of Kings could make any creature a king, if they deserved it. The Lion, unfortunately, thought he was that creature.

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