The life of a Latina

I felt lightheaded and tired of being different from the rest. Every time I looked in the oval-shaped mirror I saw a useless brown girl that had no purpose in this cruel world.

“Aren’t you that girl who crossed the border, LOL?” a curly haired boy screamed at me in a math class. The girl next to me looked at me sympathetically as he said those cruel words but I brushed it off. Ten minutes passed and I got handed a note saying, “Meet me outside in the gates :).” I walked down the gray stairs as the loud bell rang. My heart was beating ten times faster than before. Everything I saw was in slow motion.

“Hey!” she exclaimed. I felt taken aback, startled.

“H-hey,” I responded, dusting the dirt off my pants.

“Look, I know how it feels to be judged. I’m always here for you,” she whispered and looked down at her feet and frowned. I was speechless that someone cared about me. I smiled and exclaimed, “Thank you! I appreciate you.”

“Hey, no problem. Friends?” she asked.

“Friends.” I smiled and laughed. Weight was lifted off my shoulders and I felt like I was worth the fight because someone cared about me.

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