The cold field to a new race

Jackie Robinson is from

standing up for his rights,

going to World War II,

and refusing to sit in the back of the bus.

Jackie Robinson is from

going to UCLA

and spending time in Kansas during the war.

Jackie is from eating meat and canned

food from the army.

Food that was as mushy as Play-Doh.

Jackie is from smack talk,

racist people,

and death threats.


Jackie is from

getting married to Sharon

who had his children

and being MVP and Rookie of the Year.

I think he felt as excited as a rookie hitting

his first homerun on his first at bat.


Jackie is from

playing for the MLB.


Jackie is from hot days in Pasadena,

hitting homeruns,

and coaching athletic people in the army.


Jackie is from trying to get in the Hall of Fame

and hoping more African-American people

play baseball.


Jackie is inspirational

because he shows any race can change the world.

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