The bullies

A fifteen-year-old homosexual boy is talking to a classmate about an incident that happened at school the day before.

You wanna know what happened to my ear? The reason I have a cauliflower ear is because I was walking down the halls, right? I was going to my classroom and two bullies came up to me.  They asked me if I was gay. I said, “YES!” because I’m proud that I’m gay. They swung at me and I dodged it. I tried to run but they caught me. They picked me up and dropped me on the ground. I tried to run to the office, but it was too late. They were kicking me and stomping me. I couldn’t get away. They robbed me and took my pink backpack.

I was finally able to get to the office and tell the principal. Yeah, but the principal didn’t care. You know what? He has a gay son and he sent him to a Christian camp where they try to get people to be straight. Why would someone force their son to be someone they’re not?

Now I’m thinking of switching schools because I don’t feel safe. I might kill myself.

Overall, I’m done living life like I can’t be myself. I feel like there’s no hope because it doesn’t matter—whether I’m at school or at home, I don’t feel accepted for who I am. I’m tired of it. It’s too hard.  How can I be myself when people are bullying me and harassing me and beating me up? This is no way for a person to live. All I want to do is be myself and be accepted for who I am.

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