The Bird Hunt

The bird was running for his life because he was surrounded. He tried to fly. He flapped his wings but he couldn’t fly. “Help!” screamed Bob. Back in 1564, people killed innocent birds. Birds needed to learn to fly, otherwise they would be dead meat.

People came to help Bob. They acted like they were going to kill him, but they took him somewhere safe. They took care of Bob until he grew. They gave him food. Bob ate a lot of fish. He grew and he grew. A year later, he got even bigger.

Bob grew feathers to keep warm. One day, he wanted to try to fly. He flapped his wings. He flapped and flapped and flapped until he started to fly. He yelled, “I can fly! I can fly!”

The other birds saw him and they said, “You can fly?” The other birds tried it too. They played soccer in the air. They all started tackling each other. More birds came and they all tackled each other. They decided to jump off a cliff. They all jumped at once. Instead of falling, they flew away. That is how birds learned to fly.

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