Teachers of the Month: Ms. Siino Haack and Ms. Zambrano

Congratulations to our May Teachers of the Month, Ms. Siino Haack and Ms. Zambrano of John O’Connell High School! They co-teach an integrated Biology and English class and were our partner teachers for this year’s Young Authors’ Book Project. Throughout this collaboration, a colleague noticed the “strong sense of community and mutual respect” that these exceptional teachers foster in their classes.Ms. Zambrano and Ms. Siino Haack

Ms. Siino Haack and Ms. Zambrano design unique projects that combine biology and English, like science fiction writing where students simultaneously use their imaginations and analyze scientific data. A current student says, “They are very thoughtful when they give us a new big [project], they really think about how we would like it…I know that it takes them a lot of time to work on it.” This thoughtfulness really shined during the YABP, when they created a curriculum that guided students through writing about ecosystems in nature and in social communities.

Students also appreciate that Ms. Siino Haack and Ms. Zambrano go above and beyond to provide extra support during class. Their classroom is abuzz with positive energy as these teachers circulate to give students individualized attention and challenge them to dive deeper in their writing. One student reflects: “If we are sleepy probably they will give us some coffee or food, so that’s pretty nice.” These teachers truly do everything they can to help their students learn and grow.

As one of their colleagues says, “These teachers have exceedingly high expectations for their students and provide additional layers of support – academic and otherwise – as needed.” Ms. Siino Haack and Ms. Zambrano, thank you for all that you do for your students and your community!

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