Meet our Teacher of the Month, Mr. Muratet

826 Valencia is excited to present Mr. John Muratet as the February Teacher of the Month! Mr. Muratet teaches a combined fourth and fifth grade class at Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy. After nine weeks of multiple substitute teachers last year, Mr. Muratet entered room 202 at Harvey Milk. Students were relieved to find a consistent teacher that was dedicated to their class. His lively teaching style incorporates the use of technology, while also developing personal connections with his students.TOTM

In the classroom, Mr. Muratet has introduced new ways of looking at schoolwork through the use of technology. One fifth-grader explains that students now have different online resources that they can use to complete their work. “Why I love Mr. Muratet being in our class is because he helped us when there was no one to teach us. He also showed us how to use technology. When we figured out he was going to be our teacher we were so happy!”

Mr. Muratet gained the trust of his students not only by structuring an engaging lesson plan for the year, but also by addressing each student’s individual needs. One student says her teacher helped her peers with English and grammar, as well as how to play sports and how to stand up to bullies.

Parents were also relieved to know that their children had a stable teacher. One father says, “Even the most challenging of students have succumb to his relentless cheerfulness, transforming room 202 into an outstanding place for our children to learn.” Another parent adds: “Thanks to Mr. Muratet’s leadership and dynamic teaching style, he has inspired the love and joy of education in his students and brought back the passion for education in the learning environment.” His spirited approach to teaching has brought new energy into the classroom, giving parents peace of mind.

826 Valencia applauds the hard work of Mr. John Muratet in stabilizing the classroom and engaging with his students to create a positive learning experience. Thank you for all that you do, Mr. Muratet!

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