Meet our Teacher of the Month, Ms. Mooney

We are ever so pleased to introduce our Teacher of the Month, Ms. Karen Mooney! Ms. Mooney has been teaching second grade at Alvarado Elementary school for fifteen years. She is admired for the passion, aptitude, and dedication she brings to the classroom.

Ms. Mooney’s love and appreciation for her students’ cultures is highly respected by not only her colleagues but also her students’ parents. Her classroom is alive and bustling with symbols of respect for the students’ heritage, such as the family heritage flags that adorn her classroom. Parents also feel included and grateful to have a teacher help their students learn to love themselves and their backgrounds. It also serves as a way to get to know the parents. One colleague states, “Karen gets to know her students and their families in a way that foster their education and builds relationships that go beyond the school year.”

Parents admire Ms. Mooney for her ability to foster a love for learning in students through her sensitive and nurturing nature. One parent reflected on her son’s journey from liking math to loving math by the end of his second grade time with Ms. Mooney. She also thanks Ms. Mooney for all the wonderful memories he gained during the 2015-2016 school year, especially with getting to take home and take care of the class guinea pig, Canela, which also proved to be a learning experience – as it turns out, guinea pigs are a big responsibility!

Her colleagues also commend her for her dedication to teaching. A colleague, with whom she worked with as a planning partner, reflected on how much she learned from Ms. Mooney when collaborating together in preparing lesson plans, developing and preparing instructional materials, and sharing pedagogical ideas and strategies. Another colleague admires her meticulous organization in the classroom. She wrote that, “Her creativity and attention to detail fosters all her students to success. No stone is left unturned. All her students thrive.”

Ms. Mooney is the type of teacher we all love: kind, caring, and supportive. With the added bonus of the holiday spirit, we’re ecstatic to not only name her our Teacher of the Month, but also say thank you for helping students reach their highest potential.

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