Super stickman is gone!


In a different world, a man drew a stick figure of a man, without knowing that same stickman would turn into a villain named Mr. Sticksen. Mr. Sticksen went to a place called Pencil-vania, and found a house for rent for $1,000 dollars. However, he only had one penny and a piece of candy.

He went to the guy who was renting the place and asked, “Hi, can I buy the house?”

The man said, “Well, how much do you have?”

Mr. Sticksen said, “I have one penny and a piece of candy, sir.”

“Get out now!”

“No,” said Mr. Sticksen. He grabbed an eraser and said, “If I can’t have it, nobody can!” And he erased the man.

Mr. Sticksen ran into the house and found a secret lab. He used some dangerous acid and some leftovers from the guy he erased to make his own super supervillain. His supervillain was going to erase everyone in Pencil-vania. He wanted to turn them into his servants and have them work for him.

Mr. Sticksen got to work making the stickmen. But when he was done, he saw that the stickmen he had made were good and would actually save people instead of hurting them. Everything had gone wrong, and he was furious. He decided to still let his creations be free and have fun, but after two years he would change them into villains.


Two years later, Mr. Sticksen woke up and said, “I am so hungry!”

Ring, ring.

When the phone was answered, he said, “Hey, is this the pizza shop?”


“Oh good! I want the special, if it’s not too late.”

“Ah, we don’t do that anyway, sir.”

“Don’t you correct me!”

“Hey, are you that guy who wanted to erase everybody?”

“Maybe,” said Mr. Sticksen.

“Well, we don’t deliver to villains!”

“Oh man, I blew it. I mean, I’m Mr. Snuggles. Meow.”


“Meow. No, this is a sad, thirty-eight-year-old man
talking to his old cat.” But they hung up on him.

Ring, ring.

“Hello? Who is it?”

“It’s your boss, Mr. Sticksen.”

“Oh, okay, boss” said the voice.

“I need a speech with 298 words that will make everyone want to be my servant. I need it by tomorrow.”

“Boss, don’t you think that is wishful thinking?”

“No way!”

“Now listen, write me a speech with 298 words or else you are fired!” After Mr. Sticksen hung up, he thought he could go look for the stickman tower to steal some ingredients that would change the stickmen he had made. He went to his car to look for the stickman tower. After a while he found it, and stole an airplane to get to it.

When he opened the door, a super stickman was standing there and said, “Stop stealing!” Mr. Sticksen recognized the voice and the face. It was the stickman he had made in the lab! Mr. Sticksen was sad that he couldn’t take over Pencil-vania. He went home to do some more research and find out where else he could find his secret ingredients.

He couldn’t find them, so he searched for Super Stickman instead. He set up a fake meeting with him, but Super Stickman knew that he was evil. They fought for hours and hours. At last, Mr. Sticksen asked, “Why do you try to hurt me?”

“Because, you did that to my dad and now he’s gone!” said Super Stickman.

“No! I am your dad!” said Mr. Sticksen.

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