Student writing in your mailbox: the Actually-Quarterly Subscription

You know what’s better than a book filled with amazing prose, poems, plays, and more forms of writing that don’t necessarily start with “p”, all authored by San Francisco writers ages six to eighteen? When you or a loved one receive such books via a special kind of magic called the mail, and that we like to call our Actually-Quarterly Subscription Service.

Unlike our bi-annual Quarterly (some call the title confounding, we call it a character quirk) the Actually-Quarterly Subscription delivers brilliant student writing to your doorstep four times a year. For just $75, you’ll receive: the Spring Quarterly publication filled with the best student writing from the semester, our latest Young Authors’ Book Project, the Fall Quarterly, and a surprise gift of wisdom and and whimsy from our students plus something probably a little weird from our Pirate Supply Store. Maybe it will be a poem buried in a jar of sand or something. You’ll just have to find out.

 There’s one thing greater than beautiful publications brought right to your doorstep, and that is having beautiful publications brought right to a loved one’s doorstep. It’s a great gift for aspiring young writers, aspiring old or middle-aged writers, grads and moms and dads and cousins and philistine neighbors alike! We can even send your gift recipient a personalized message in a bottle to kick off their subscription.

Subscribe today!

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