Never Tell a Stranger that You Are a Spy

Pancho was really sweaty and nervous! “Hi, my name is Ant-Man,” Ant-Man said.

Pancho said, “Hi, I am Pancho Villa.”

“Cool name!” said Ant-Man.

“Thanks,” said Pancho happily.

“Tell me a little about yourself,” asked Ant-Man.

Pancho replied, “Well, I make magic food that heals people who are hurt.”

“Oh that’s cool! That’s really cool!” said Ant-Man.

“Yup! Oh, and I am also a spy!” shouted Pancho. “I know you are a spy too.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” said Ant-Man.

“Oh please, you are the most famous secret spy in the world,” said Pancho. “I have read all about you.”

“Shhhhh, you never know people could be listening. You really need to work on being a better spy!” shouted Ant-Man.

“Yeah I know, that’s what everyone says. I am working on it,” Pancho said sadly.

“Here, I will give you some tips,” said Ant-Man.

Tips from Ant-Man

  1. Always look at your surroundings, You never know when someone might come up to you and attack you.
  2. Always be quiet.
  3. Never tell a stranger that you are a spy.
  4. When you are on a mission always keep your cover.
    Do NOT blow it.
  5. Always remember that you have to hide your gadgets.

“Ahhhh!” said Ant-Man and Pancho.

“What is happening?” asked Ant-Man.

“It looks like we are time traveling!” said Pancho.

“How do you know that?” asked Ant-Man.

“I have time traveled before!” said Pancho.

“We are here!” they both said.

They looked around and they saw their friend Cutie the unidolphin. Then Cutie the unidolphin said, “Hi friends, are you okay? I hope the ride was fine.”

Then Ant-Man said, “Well first I went to work, then I interviewed Pancho Villa, then I time-traveled. No, I am not okay!”

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