Someday, On My Own Desk

I am from a cat who is barely one-year-old,
and the video games I play on the carpet.
I am from Shotwell and 21st,
where a homeless person paints murals like a professional.

I am from dressing like a skeleton on Halloween.
I am from drumming on my hot dog.
I am from a mom who says, “Maybe,”
and a dad who says, “Ask your mom!”
and the song, “Do What You’re Told!”
(which is how I feel!)

I am from San Francisco, born in 2006.
I am from a mom who is from England,
and dad who is from Mexico.
I am from ice cream as big as you can imagine,
and pizza as big as the school.
The pizza has fresh cheese, just out of the oven.
The ice cream tastes like frozen strawberries.
From Copa Loca down the street
(just two dollars a scoop).

I am from science experiments in my room,
and someday,
on my own desk.

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