Scarlet’s adventure

Once, there was a superhero named Super Duper Scarlet. She had long, black, curly hair. She always wore purple, red, and pink. She could turn herself into a helicopter, and what she wanted most was for everyone to be safe. She lived in San Fran Superland.

One afternoon, Super Duper Scarlet was in her helicopter and there was nothing going on. But then she heard people yelling and saw a person robbing the bank! It was Doctor Nefario!

“Oh no,” Scarlet thought, “my worst enemy!”

So she jumped off her helicopter and put on her shoes. She turned them on, and then she was ready to run. But she could not move because they did not work! They were stuck in the cement. This happened because when she saw her enemy, Doctor Nefario, she got scared. When she got scared, one of her special tools broke, and this time, it was her shoes! They were her favorite pair of shoes because they could blast off! Oh no! What was Scarlet going to do?! Well, she was Super Duper Scarlet!

“Okay, wait a minute. I have other shoes. They are not as fast, but they are pretty fast. Well, what am I waiting for?” Scarlet thought to herself.

She went to look for her shoes. Two minutes later, she found them.

Ten minutes later, she had saved the day! Doctor Nefario went to jail and Scarlet went to her super-duper home.

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