Recipe for getting good grades


1 cup of participation
3 cups of doing homework
3 cups of studying for a test
1 cup of listening
1 1/2 teaspoons of eating a healthy lunch
1/2 cup of being alert


If you want to have good grades in school, follow this. Add one cup of participation, for example, asking and answering questions. You need three cups of doing homework so you get extra credit. Mix in another three cups of studying for a test so you can get a good score. You can use your textbook, notes, and other things. You can do the study guide if you have one. Pour in one cup of listening and one and a half teaspoons of eating lunch so you can learn better. The food is not that good, but you can still eat fruit, milk, or other healthy food. You should eat most of it. It will help your brain. The food is really dry and cold, but maybe yours is better.

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