Raining donuts

One night I put on my pajamas and fell asleep. The next morning it was a sunny weekend, and I went outside. All of a sudden, it started raining donuts. I grabbed a donut and bit it. It tasted like a puppy, the summer, kittens, and my BFFs. I know it sounds weird, but it happened to me. All of my friends were still asleep.

I called, “Arleth and Tifanny! Come outside! It’s raining donuts!” They said nothing, so I went upstairs and knocked on the door. They woke up and I said again, “It’s raining donuts, come outside!”

“Okay,” they said. So they came outside and the donuts were not there. “What? So you woke us up for nothing? I’m going to the store to buy something to eat.”

So we walked to the store and it started to rain donuts again. Everybody cheered! Everyone else woke up, and lived happily ever donuts.

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