Pizza with Grapes

One day Elsa went to a Pokemon camp and she found Olaf. She said, “Olaf, do you want to eat pizza?”

“Yes, I do,” said Olaf.

Elsa said, “Let’s go!”

They waited until it was night, and then hid from the security guard to get away. They ran around the garden, and then ran a block to the pizza place. They could smell the aroma of the pizza as they got closer.

Elsa wanted to eat pizza with pepperoni. They ordered, and Olaf decided he wanted to play a trick on Elsa. They got the pizza box and Olaf said, “I don’t want pizza with pepperoni, I want pizza with grapes!”

Olaf took some grapes out of his bag and he ate the grapes on his pizza. Elsa said, “That is weird. I don’t think I want to be your friend anymore.” Elsa was angry. She ran away and took Olaf’s grapes.

Olaf ran after her and said, “Sorry.”

Elsa said, “Sorry I yelled at you and took your grapes.”

Olaf said, “Me too. Sorry for eating the grapes. Let’s go eat regular pizza.”

Elsa said, “Okay!” So they went back to the pizza place. Elsa said, “Why didn’t you ever tell me that you liked grapes?”

Olaf said, “Because you were ordering pizza and I thought you wouldn’t like it. But I’m glad we’re friends again.”

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