Physical difference

One of my friends texted me and blurted out, “Zaihra, someone posted a picture of you compared to a hippo!” I was confused. I didn’t know what to say. I was speechless. I went to the Instagram account. I see the picture of me on her feed and my other friends compared to animals.

The caption on my picture exclaimed, “Look at this!!!” with the laughing and skeleton emojis. Many girls commented on that photo just laughing.

I felt sad, disappointed, and confused. I held my breath, put my thumb on the white home button. With my pointer finger, I held the button that turns off the phone and took a screenshot. After I took that I didn’t know if I should’ve told my mom, but I told her anyway. She was surprised and mad. “What she said to you is body-shaming. If you weren’t as strong as you are, you would’ve had scars or even suicidal thoughts,” my mom complained.

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