Part of my family

I love to play sports. I was born to play sports. At first, when my dad was teaching me, I didn’t understand sports. The first sport I ever played was soccer. My dad taught me but I didn’t pay a lot of attention. Until one day when I was in second grade and my friend, Julie (she’s a grown-up), told me that she had a soccer team. She said that I should play with her, so I did. I was horrible at first, but then I got the hang of it. Soccer is my favorite sport. After soccer, I started playing a lot more sports.

I asked other girls if they wanted to play soccer with me, but they said, “No.” I saw the boys playing soccer, so I thought I should ask to play with them. I went to ask.

“Can I play with you guys?” But they said that I couldn’t play. I had to find another player. I was so mad. I was mad because they didn’t want me to play with them. I went ahead and told the teacher. The teacher told them that they had to let me play, so I played. I wasn’t as good as they were, but I still tried. After that, I became really good friends with the boys.

Something that makes me unique is that I play lots of sports. I love to play sports because almost all of my family on my dad’s side plays soccer and I wanted to play, too.

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