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College Scholarships

In 2018, 826 Valencia will be awarding six $15,000 scholarships. Eligible students will have participated in at least ten hours of 826 Valencia programming through our centers and/or at their school sites. In addition to experience with 826 Valencia, applicants must also be high school seniors, attend school in San Francisco, and demonstrate financial need. Priority will be given to students who are in the first generation of their family to graduate from college. Please email Christina V. Perry at christina@826valencia.org with any questions about this program.

We are currently accepting applications. The deadline is 11:59 p.m. on February 5, 2018.

How to apply:
In order to apply, students will need a Student ID number. Please use this link to create an ID and then either return to this page or check your email for a link to the application. If you already have a ScholarMatch ID number you will not need to create a new one. Apply online now if you have a Student ID number!

It is best to complete the application in one sitting, because you cannot save your answers and exit without submitting. Please use this PDF version of the application, so that you can prepare your answers before filling in the application online.

The Great San Francisco Personal Statement Weekend

826 Valencia invites SFUSD high-school seniors to an intensive weekend of essay help at Mission High School each fall. Whether students are applying for scholarships or writing college entrance essays, still brainstorming or in the final stages of writing — students are welcome to come get free one-on-one help from 826 Valencia’s friendly tutors. Personal Statement Weekend is usually at the end of October each year. If you have questions about PSW, please email essayhelp@826valencia.org.

Internships for 826 Alumni and High School Students

At 826 Valencia, we have several tracks for developing leadership skills. We offer stipended internships to young people who have graduated from our programs, and work with various organizations, including MYEEP and CYC, to provide support and leadership training to high school students through our internship program. We also have a Youth Leadership Advisory Board (YLAB), which consists of middle-school students who have grown up in 826 Valencia programs and now tutor younger students, help us reflect on the work we’re doing, and learn skills applicable to college, their future careers, and beyond. If you’re under 18 and are interested in joining us as an intern or volunteer, please email Volunteer Coordinator Alyssa Aninag at alyssa@826valencia.org.


ScholarMatch is a community partner, located just across the street from 826 Valencia. ScholarMatch‘s mission is to make college possible for under-resourced students. They connect students with donors by leveraging the internet to enable individuals to invest in the academic future of their students, and they provide robust support services so that students maximize their resources and make sound choices in selecting their college.