Our new Tenderloin center needs your old stuff!

All former pirates who’ve recently given up the swashbuckling life—consider passing on your old swag to 826! We’re looking for the finest nautical supplies to outfit the store and Writing Lab of our soon-to-be second center in the Tenderloin.

We’re especially interested in:

  • Thick, nautical rope
  • Old locks and keys that we can use to embellish the Fog Bank
  • A flat file to hold posters (ideally wooden, not metal)
  • Eclectic architectural details like moldings, panels, screens
  • Decorative frames or mirrors
  • Reclaimed wood planks for bookshelves
  • Small wooden shipping crates
  • Glass fishing floats (or other fishing items like netting)
  • Chandeliers or other decorative lighting that feels bank-like or nautical in inspiration
  • Old horns (tuba, trumpet, other), gramophones—or even an actual foghorn!

If you’ve got one of these items lying around and are interested in donating, snap a pic, send it to tenderloin@826valencia.org, and we’ll be in touch soon.

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