My graduation

I wondered to myself as I walked to the bus stop on my way home from school that cool May afternoon, what can be done to end stereotypes and assumptions like this? How are these stereotypes started in the first place? Why are girls expected to look nice, but we’re not expected to try hard, and give up early?

As graduation day approached, I complained to my mom about the dress code while she shopped, soft music playing throughout the grocery store, and about how I thought the requirements were unfair. She understood, but she helped me develop a new opinion on the subject. Yes, the dress code was stereotypical, but we can overcome stereotypes like that.

“You should just calmly tell them your view and ask for what you need to make your idea happen, rather than making it a bigger deal than it needs to be,” my mom advised as she walked through the chilled produce aisle. I realized that was true, anyone could make a change no matter how small, even fifth-grade-graduation small.

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