My blessings awaiting

As a young girl I never knew what my life had in store for me. I just knew how to be a kid and dream big while reaching for the stars. I always dreamed of “the lifestyle” where everything was great in life—a rich life. But where I come from, you won’t even begin to understand how I walk so many miles in these shoes.

I visualize living somewhere in Los Angeles, in a really large house, with a really great view. I will be able to watch the sun come up, and look at the stars at night. I won’t see any trash outside my door, no more dead grass, or no more loud people that are talking at a tone of a thousand.

As a fourteen-year-old girl, I admire seeing my mom work so hard to provide for my little brother and me. Most black women are seen as not being able to provide for their kids because they are either poor or deadbeats.

My life has yet to begin. I’m happy about finally being in high school. There’s so much for me to learn and do. I will learn all about the earth I live on. I will learn how to write narratives and do spoken word poetry, but most importantly once I’m out of high school, I will be able to use all of these resources and be a really good doctor. When I grow up I plan on being a doctor or owning my own business. I want to be able to buy my mom a new house. I want so many amazing things I can’t even describe. I want better for myself. My goal for high school this year is to get all As and Bs.

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