My baby brother

One day, my pregnant mom told me that the baby was coming. After that I said, “Today’s Black Friday, so he’s going to be born on Black Friday.”

Then we went to the car. We all packed the baby things. We went to the hospital. The hospital is called Kaiser. There are two that are across from each other. One is for sick, runny noses, and the other one is for an emergency. It was an emergency. My dad drove the car for two hours, but we couldn’t find parking. Next we saw a car leave and there was parking. We all felt happy.

We went inside. We signed up and walked to go to the elevator and signed up again and waited in the waiting room. After that, we waited for thirty seconds, and the doctor said, “We can’t find a room. But then he said, “There is one room, but it is small. Do you want that room?”

My mom said, “Yes.” So we went inside. The room was the size of my mom’s bedroom. I saw two beds, and one was the bed for the baby. Also, I saw the TV, but it was small. The floor was green. It smelled like the hospital.

After that, the doctor came, but I don’t remember her name. She was nice. She saw us and said, “Hello.” After that, she put on the blue gel. The name was called an “ultrasound.” The thing that she held was the wand. I heard my baby brother’s heart. It was like a small sound. It sounded like this: “Bump, bump.”

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