In Monsterville, there is a very productive scare factory. The scare factory is made up of five monsters who work together to make scary films. First, one monster does a scary thing. Then another monster records it, and the other two monsters edit it to make it scarier. When that’s done, the last monster produces it, and releases it to scare people.

One day, the five monsters that worked at the scare factory made a very scary film, and they wanted to show it to the humans.


First, I need to introduce you to the good guy. The monsters at the scare factory are the bad guys. The good guy is a mouse-like monster with wings. He doesn’t want the monsters to scare the humans. He built something (he is a very good builder) to give himself some powers, and made a black hole. He used the black hole to get rid of all the scary things. That’s how he stopped the monsters at the scare factory from producing their movie (he’s very famous now).


The monsters went out to get in their truck, but all there was was a gigantic black spot where their truck had been. They didn’t know what had happened. Then, the good monster made another black hole and they were sucked up! When the other monsters heard that, they never tried to make another scary film again. That’s how the good-guy monster got on
the news!

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