Meet our September Teacher of the Month, Ms. Asija Chappel

826 Valencia is thrilled to name Ms. Asija Chappel as our September Teacher of the Month Award! Ms. Chappel teaches English at Everett Middle School. She is praised for her ability to think outside the box in order to meet her students’ needs in new and innovative ways. She also encourages her students to step out of their comfort zones in order improve their social skills.

Ms. Chappel recognizes that there isn’t one perfect teaching method, and strives to meet students where they’re at through differentiated instruction and assessment. Through this unique method, not only are students much more engaged in their school work, but as one colleague states, “students are always looking forward to see her come in the classroom.”

Asija Chappel When it comes to their favorite characteristics about Ms. Chappel, students have more than a single answer. From her ability to push students to make new friends, to her willingness to meet students where they’re at in their academics, her students notice all of her efforts and hold them near and dear to their hearts. One student student says, “My favorite thing about Ms. Chappel is that she never gives up and always does her best in trying to help others.”

Ms. Chappel is dedicated to helping students with IEPs succeed in the classroom by advocating for them at department meetings. In doing so she has helped improve lessons to accommodate Everett’s students with IEPs much more effectively. One colleague reflects, “She has challenged me to take risks in my practice by trying out new methods to help those who need extra support.”  

Thank you so much for all of your hard work, Ms. Chappel. 826 Valencia appreciates your efforts towards helping the young scholars at Everett Middle School succeed!

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