Meet our November Teacher of the Month: Ms. Alicia Tapia!

826 Valencia is thrilled to announce our November Teacher of the Month, Ms. Alicia Tapia! Ms. Tapia has been teaching a Digital Literacy class at DeMarillac Academy for the last five years and also serves as the Librarian. In a world where technology is becoming more and more integrated into everyday life, Ms. Tapia’s class has allowed for students to learn how to better work with technology in order to adapt those skills into their other classes and future endeavors. She has a true passion for education and learning that she strives to pass down to her students.

Alicia TapiaMs. Tapia understands that the 21st Century has brought a lot of changes, technology being the most prominent of those changes. She uses it to ignite students’ creativity and curiosity. By staying up-to-date she has been able to maintain student engagement and really speak to the students because she speaks to the issues they are facing. A colleague says, “She fosters students’ critical thinking skills through rich discussions and online classroom collaboration, and takes great pride in designing meaningful learning experiences.”  One student adds, “She has helped prepare us to be 21st century, effectively using Prezi, Google apps, WeVideo, etc. She also teaches us how to use our devices effectively and wisely.”

Her love for learning and education has led her to start the Bibliobicicleta, an independent non-profit, bicycle library that visits San Francisco cycling and literacy events. Its mission is to “instill and re-ignite a love for reading, of learning, and bicycling in people of all ages and backgrounds.” Her students see this nonprofit as just one of the many examples of her kindness and desire to give back. She encourages her students to spread kindness to their communities. She organized the Great Kindness Challenge that took place over several weeks. The Class of 2016 wrote thank you notes to bus drivers and garbage truck operators, amongst other acts. One student believes that through this and push for learning has “helped us be prepared for high school by encouraging us to be more responsible for our work and actions.”

Ms. Tapia is without a doubt a strong role model for her students. From showing her passions through the classes and programs she organizes, her students look up to her for guidance with trust that she will help prepare them for whatever the future holds. From everyone at 826 Valencia, thank you for your guidance, Ms. Tapia!

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