Meet Mr. Juarez, our Teacher of the Month

826 Valencia proudly presents our December Teacher of the Month, Mr. Alejandro Juarez! Mr. Juarez, a longtime SFUSD teacher, currently teaches first grade at Cleveland Elementary, a high-need school in the Excelsior with a Spanish immersion program. As a Spanish-speaking immigrant himself, Mr. Juarez is especially dedicated to helping English language learners. He is known for bringing joy to his students and creating a fun and supportive learning environment.

Twenty-one first graders in Mr. Juarez’s class wrote letters thanking their teacher for all that he does for them, especially for helping them with their reading and writing. One student says, “Él los enseña leer y él lee muy muy bueno.” (He teaches us to read and he reads very very well.) Other students expressed gratitude that Mr. J. teaches them to read in English.

Many students also attest to Mr. Juarez’s great sense of humor. One student writes, “Mi maestro Mr. Juarez es muy chistoso.” (My teacher Mr. Juarez is very funny.) And another says, “Nos reimos con Mr. Juarez.” (We laugh with Mr. Juarez.) Mr. Juarez’s ability to bring happiness and laughter to his class creates a fun learning environment for all. A student proclaims, “A mi me gusta estar en mi clase.” (I like to be in my class.)

Mr. Juarez’s class is also part of the Peacemakers at Cleveland Elementary, where students learn to take personal responsibility for creating a kind and welcoming community. One of Mr. Juarez’s peers says, “Walking into his classroom one immediately notices a quiet, calm, and soothing environment surrounding the attentive first graders.” It is no easy feat to create a soothing environment for excitable first graders!

We at 826 are truly grateful for the hard work Mr. Juarez puts in every day to create a joyful learning environment, make his students laugh, and help them with their reading and writing.

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