Knitted sweaters


3 cups of laughter
1 quart of compliments
1/2     teaspoon of constant reminders
1 spoon of all your favorite books
4 cups of warm, thick, cozy winter sweaters
2 cups of sunsets


For infinite happiness, pour three cups of laughter. This will make you all giggly inside when there is a contagious laugh. Deep fry one quart of compliments like, “You’re good at this,” or “You look nice today.” What else will make you feel so good? Fry a half teaspoon of constant reminders. Even if it is a bit embarrassing, the memories are funny and will lift you up! Melt a spoon of all your favorite books like Harry Potter books, John Green’s books, and Rick Riordan’s books. A very important ingredient, for it will make you escape into another level. Mix four cups of warm, thick, threaded, cozy winter sweaters. Anything better than Grandma’s knitted sweaters. Finally, blend two cups of sunsets. The greatest recreation for the evening.

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