Is wearing pink gay?

A young woman speaks to her best friend about how she is afraid to come out and to be comfortable in her own style and how she has to conform to the way society wants her to look.

The other day I seen a famous rapper wearing a dress on his album cover and everyone assumes he is “gay,” but how can a person be gay by just wearing a dress? Some people seem like they don’t even know what the word gay means! Why should a guy be scared to wear pink? Supposedly, only girls wear pink. Society is always telling us how to dress, what to wear what not to wear! If society would let us be, it would be so different. People wouldn’t be so afraid to come out and be how they really wanna be. For example, I wouldn’t be so afraid to come out and express myself. I wouldn’t be judged for baggy jeans and bomber jackets. Why is what society expects so important to people’s image? Why should people care so much about how a man feels on the inside or how a woman looks on the outside?

The world would be a much more peaceful place. Instead, men are hiding, wearing a mask not being themselves. For example, many of my friends are so judgmental and so afraid to show their true selves. They don’t want to dress in colors that are associated with “girls.” They think someone is going to say something that would challenge their manhood. Why should it matter what you wear? Even my mom is always asking me why don’t I dress girly and I always ask, “What’s being girly?” We are so used to having a specific way we have to dress to be accepted. Sometimes people are so used to a title, a label, and when they become so scared to be who they really are. They can be bullied and harassed for being who they really are and expressing themselves. Why are people placed in categories by gender? Some people don’t want titles or labels, they just want to be comfortable in who they are and how they express who they want to be. I know people that are going to be against what I’m saying but, everyone thinks different, right? And I accept that. Why can’t they just accept me?

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