I should’ve answered 

A young man receives a phone call while standing on the Mission and 24th St. BART platform. He pulls his phone from his pocket and he notices that he has twelve missed calls from his mom. He swipes up and answers.

Hello? What up moms? Sorry I didn’t see the missed calls. (pauses)

Wait, wait what?!

Don’t joke around like that mom, you know I don’t like that.

Wait… gimmie a second, gimmie a second.

Mom? Why are you crying?

Mom, (pause) stop you’re scaring me!

I just saw Jay yesterday, we played basketball at the—

Wait, WHAT!??

Calm down, calm down mom, don’t yell it’s only gonna make things worse.

Mom crying through the phone.

Mom breathe, just breathe. (soft voice)

Breathe, relax okay? What happened?

Longer pause, listening.

But, but I don’t understand, why would anybody want to hurt him? Mom, just because he’s gay? Just because he wants to express himself, someone wants to beat him?! What kind of personwould do that! What the—!

Yells through the phone.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry (pauses) I didn’t mean to yell at you, it’s just too much for me, it’s just too much for me.

It’s not fair, even if he had loved Gabriel, he doesn’t… no one deserves to get beat up for that. No one has the right to take another person’s life.

Wait, how did it happened?

Long pause.

Hang on, so let me get this straight… He was leaving a bar with Gabriel, and they—

Gets cut off.

Where? The Castro?

(Puts hands in his face) And they just stabbed him? They stabbed him! Jay was a good person. He was kind. They weren’t doing anything to anyone!

Damn, I can’t believe he’s—, damn!

Where are you right now?

Wait how long you been at the hospital?

Who was there when he passed, just you and the doctor? Oh God… I’m sorry Mom. I’m really sorry. I should’ve answered, I should’ve answered.


Mom, Mom, so are you there now?

Okay, just, just hang on I’m leaving the 24th St. now. I’ll be there  in like fifteen minutes.

Mom, be strong, I know it’s going to be really hard, I know. Please be strong okay?

I’m goin’, I’ma be there.

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