I just want to be your friend

Once, there was a ghost named Nick. No one liked him because he had a scar in his head. The people from the house said, “You are too bad,” and they kicked him out. So he went to live in the mountains, where there was no one to bother him. But kids would go to the mountains, knock on his door, and then run away.

One time, a kid went to knock on his door, but he didn’t run away. He took a picture of Nick and said, “I’m the Paper Boy, and I need news to take into town.”

Nick said, “Can you help the other people to know that I am not ugly or mean?”

The Paper Boy said, “No, because I heard a rumor that you are the town’s weirdest person. I want to put it all in the paper.”

Nick said, “You are not a nice kid.” And the kid rolled away on his scooter. Later, Nick could see that everyone was reading the paper.

But down in the town, there was a little girl that didn’t think Nick was ugly or mean. She wanted to be his friend. Her name was Mia. Mia asked her parents if she could go to the mountains to talk to Nick. Her parents said, “Of course not!”

Mia really wanted a friend because she couldn’t talk. No other girl wanted to talk to her, and she was often lonely. She went away and wrote a lot of flash cards. She thought that Nick could read them, because she couldn’t talk to him.

When she got there, she was a little scared, but she ignored it. She slipped a card under the door that said, “Excuse me, sir, I just want to be your friend.” So Nick came out and they became friends. Nick didn’t mind that she was not able to talk.

One day, she snuck out of her house to go see Nick. But there was no need, because Nick was standing right there. He had come to tell her parents that they were friends, and her parents didn’t mind. Then they were friends and went outside. And even though everybody was looking at them,
they didn’t care.

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