Hue haikus with The Color Factory

By Natalia Rivas, Store and Programs Intern

The Color Factory is a two-story pop-up exhibition that has been around since last August, located at 575 Sutter Street, right here in the city of San Francisco. Tickets to their exhibitions sell out within a couple days, if not hours upon release.

hue haiku_blue


This spring, The Color Factory created a map for customers that highlighted certain spots in the surrounding areas, creating a colorful scavenger hunt. 826 Valencia’s Tenderloin location with its King Carl’s Emporium was one of the spots highlighted. Lucky us!


And when the color scavengers arrived, we asked them to write hue haikus. A haiku is a poem consisting of only three lines and is made up of a five-seven-five syllable structure—much like the address of The Color Factory: 575 Sutter Street.

hue haiku_pink



These hue haikus combine The Color Factory’s infinite love of color and our passion for writing! We set up a clipboard and a mini writing station, in which we asked people to write haikus about any color. We took the finished haikus and displayed them on our wall. Students in our programs also got a chance to write hue haikus and some even got to visit The Color Factory for inspiration.




Check out these wonderful haikus in Five Seven Five, available at our stores.

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