How I got to be who I am

All of a sudden he walked up to me and asked me, “What race are you from?” I felt nervous, chills going up my spine. His voice sounded like a twenty-year old man.

As hard as I could, I tried to say the words right, “Y-yes!” I felt a little less calmed down but he responded with a mad voice.

“Wow! No wonder!” I was confused but also nervous.

“‘No wo-wonder’ what?”

He got even madder! “No wonder you’re so stupid!” He walked away like nothing happened. I could not stop thinking about it until my mom came to pick me up. Usually I would smile but not today. My mom looked at me with confusion.

Throughout the whole walk I said nothing, but my mom stopped the silence. “What happened?”

“Okay, look I was going to the kickball court and this tall white boy came to me and said, “You’re stupid because you’re Mexican!” I yelled with a loud voice, “I don’t want to be Mexican anymore!” I felt like I wanted to cry.

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