Honoring Brittany Ueno as our February Teacher of the Month!

We’re super excited to announce Brittany Ueno as our February Teacher of the Month! Ms. Ueno teaches Chemistry at the San Francisco International High School and has received many accolades for her fierce advocacy for all of her students and for being such an inspiring figure amongst colleagues.

Brittany UenoMany nominators have commented on her devotion to her work, dedicating time in and out of class to engage with students. Her commitment goes even further as she takes on many leadership roles like being the facilitator of the school’s equity group and also a student support liaison for the eleventh-grade team. According to her coworkers, she takes on these responsibilities “with grace, seriousness, and compassion.” But her involvement doesn’t end there. She also runs professional development workshops for other science teachers in the San Francisco Unified School District to support English Language Learners throughout the city.

Whenever a teacher needs extra support in the classroom, Brittany is someone they can always turn to and count on. As one colleague mentioned, “she is a great listener whom many staff members seek advice and support from because she clearly cares very deeply about others’ well-being.”

“Bueno”, as students call her, is known not only for her enthusiasm when it comes to student learning, but also as “one powerhouse of a teacher,” and we at 826 Valencia tip our hats with pleasure to bestow her with our Teacher of the Month Award! Congratulations, Brittany!

Read more about our Teacher of the Month program, and how to nominate a special teacher in your life.

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