Hold on tight to that life

Just above my house near the trees. As I step outside, screams, fear starts to enter into my ears. I feel the cold air filled in with voices of people yelling. In their voices you can hear their fear. Soon it starts to crawl up my spine. My eyes wide open, they soon start to water, starting a river that soon becomes an ocean, where you have fear splashing, sadness swimming in it. I don’t show my emotions, only my inside feels it. My eyes made a dam to hold this ocean.

A boy who barely could walk, now two people beside him, gently putting him down in the hard cold ground. You see the holes in his shirt created by a knife, a knife that holds the life of a child and his blood. I see how the red liquid starts to spread around his body. His eyes showing sadness, fear, hope, but that’s what I see. I can’t feel his pain so who am I to say. People shouting the words,

“Help, please, someone!” My eyes still couldn’t believe what they were seeing, just a child living in a world made of violence. Many trying to dam a salty river, but it was stronger, so they let their river out. It was like trying to stop a lion from hunting its prey. As the red liquid spread in his body, I’m thinking, is life still holding on to him? Soon you hear the sounds of help­—sirens screaming. I’m still thinking about what happened on the bus he was on. I still linger to know why a little boy has pain holding him. It’s just the world being cold trying to show you how we live.

After that incident in the afternoon, the emotions and feelings I have start to make a fire where they light my night and keep me awake. My sleep wants to leave my body; I’m trying to close my eyes. So I start thinking about everything that happened in the day. Like how the bus that me, my mom, and my brother were in was empty with only our souls. Why is violence part of this world? Why is the world made of weapons, blood, anger, and power? For many they have that ignorance chained to them and they blindfold their eyes with lies. Somehow the truth finds its way to you but why is it that many can’t see the lies disguised as the truth? How can people kick out the truth but let lies into their minds? Closing my eyes with salty tears holding back, leading to my sleep.

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