Help write the future

The universe texts us and invites us to the Planet of Love. We travel on a rocket bus and we go through a teeny, tiny purple dot…

That’s how the second-graders in the after-school program at our Tenderloin Center imagine the future: as a love-filled planet you can travel to by rocket bus. And why not?

We know that the ability to write your story is a source of agency and power. At 826 Valencia, our free programs help under-resourced youth build the skills, pride, and confidence they need to one day participate in our national dialogue, write our laws, report in our media, define our history, and create a more empathetic world. With them writing the future, a planet of love is possible.

Help write the future by making a tax-deductible gift to 826 Valencia today. This year, all new and increased donations will be matched, doubling their impact. See you on the rocket bus!

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