Healing hate: Recipe for stopping racism


5 quarts of kindness
4 cups of hope
3 gallons of yells of “Help!” and “Stop!”
1/2 cup of pain
2 shades of darkness & light


To stop racism, mix five quarts of kindness with four cups of hope. Whisk this together, and it will bring peace and unity. Stir in three gallons of yells of “Help!” “Stop!” and “Why are you doing this? Where is the love? God help us!” This way they can hear our hurting. Add one half cup of fried pain. This will be needed so they can see that we are strong and that we can fight the pain they are causing. Add two shades of stirred darkness and light, for that is what it is now— good and bad. Add loads of glazed God. The brightness of the glaze will make the people who are discriminating see that what they are doing is wrong.

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