Hats off to Mr. Roth, our Teacher of the Month for March!

826 Valencia is proud to announce the Teacher of the Month for March: Mr. Robert Roth from Mission High School. Mr. Roth has been teaching at Mission High for 10 years, where he is admired for his desire to help students grow academically. He is also highly regarded for the meaningful relationships he has with students, demonstrating that how you interact with students outside the classroom can affect the way they work in the class RobertRothsetting.

We heard from many of his students that they see him not only as an inspiring and engaging teacher, but also a support system: they see him as someone they can go to when they are going through tough times or when they need help with applications for college or letters of recommendation. One student stated, “In class, we are not students and teacher, we are family where we joke around, have fun to make learning fun, and connect more.” For many students, this family-like bonding has been the source of inspiration for them to go above and beyond in their learning. His colleagues have also noticed the correlation between this relationship building and academic success.

Mr. Roth’s dedication to his students is visible not only in the way he commands the classroom, but also in how he reaches out to his colleagues for support when working with students. One colleague reflected on a time when Mr. Roth reached out to her for help understanding a newcomer student’s learning style, to ensure he could provide a curriculum that worked for the student and not against them. They wrote, “His willingness to try new approaches and techniques and continually seek out feedback from teachers has earned my great respect towards a man who I know will always treat his students as his first priority, a great champion to all students.” It all circles back to Mr. Roth’s mantra to “make it about the work”: to push students to be their absolute best and ensure that the work they are given can help them reach their goals. Many colleagues reference that phrase as a guide when faced with difficult moments.

All of this is only a piece of the wonders Mr. Roth has achieved. He is, without a doubt, a pivotal figure in the Mission HS community and in many people’s lives. He has inspired so many and it is truly our honor to name him 826 Valencia’s Teacher of the Month.

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