Her petite hands filled
with her one of a kind gifts,
and golden treasures.

A new bracelet with
sea creatures: blue, green, purple
I wear to this day.

She gives me a hug,
her long arms nearly crush me,
she doesn’t mean to.

We sit on a bench,
in the park, while the wind blows
time stops, suddenly.

At two o’clock she
murmurs a prayer, I watch,
wondering a lot.

I kiss her goodnight.
She tucks me in. I smile.
A wonderful time.

We see the red bridge.
Our warm, brown eyes. Capture the
panoramic sight.

It’s time to say bye,
trying not to shed a tear,
calls me a strong girl.

Many years passed by.
Two years before, I called her,
that was the last call.

‘Twas February.
The bright sun. The freezing wind.
A very dark day.

Mom told me she died.
I cried. Thinking of her hugs,
kisses, gifts, and her.

A grey day began.
I wanted to wear all black.
And let the rain pour.

I see a white rose.
It bloomed too early, that year
I knew it was her.

Off to Arkansas.
In a plane, where in hours,
I will see Grandma.

The funeral was
so quick, but extremely slow.
Filled with white roses.

Days later I saw,
the panoramic red bridge,
and a memory.

I returned to school.
I wanted to do nothing.
The entire time.

One day, I smiled.
Feeling what I have not felt
in a long, long time.

My grandmother was
a big part of me I lost.
But I, recovered.

Author’s note: I have lost many loved ones over time, but instead of my world collapsing, I found one more puzzle piece to fill this short, powerful sentence: “Hello, I’m Jessica and this is my story.”  Here’s some advice that is important when you lose someone you love: think of the memories you had with that person, and treasure those moments. How was your relationship with them? Think of all those laughs, and smile. You’ll never forget them. I promise. I promise.

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